Embrace Conscious Living!

Agrita Chibber
It’s that magical time of year when everything is enveloped in snow and fog, fairy lights glittering bright over the streets, colorful red-dressed Santa merrily oozing festive vibes, and everyone is just enjoying these last days of the year in their own special way, while some party away the night, some quietly sit with their notebook and fill it with gratitude notes and reflect on themselves.
What is so special about the 1 January? Let me guess does the sky turns pink, or suddenly unicorns replace all the street animals? What makes us put the date 1 January on the pedestal? As the last year was ending, we all started to wonder ‘how in a blink of 12 months passed away’, and certainly, nobody has any clue where it all went. The thing that makes 1 January special is the aim to fulfill goals that last year could not be accomplished, and you think it will be possible this year? I will share with you how you can make this year a successful year.
And now begins the game of ‘New Year, New You’ agenda, Am I right? Well, I heard that silent yes. I don’t subscribe to this idea of New Year, New You. It is good to be hopeful and positive, but this new you, the phrase is not possible as you can’t just undo past experiences and learnings; it is better to start off the year with conscious living.
Living consciously, as the phrase itself suggests,is about being intentional with your words, actions, daily habits, and everything. You just don’t act for the sake of acting, but you do it with intentions. As the new year is approaching, you will notice news feeds and various other social media platforms being saturated with articles like New Year Resolutions, Hacks to be Best Version of Yourself, etc. But why not bring a little change in it through the insight of conscious living? Something that has been ignored by us all this time or was unaware of it.
A small instance will be if you notice someone uttering just to fill in the silence. That’s what not-so-conscious living looks like. Consciousness should be made a part of contemporary lifestyle, thinking before speaking, weighing every aspect before taking a decision or taking care of not hurting someone through your words. Until 2022 your life routine looked somewhat like this, get up when the alarm goes off. Eat a bowl of cornflakes. Fight through rush hour traffic. Get to the office, sit in the cubicle. “Work.” Make someone else rich. Make just enough to stave off that ever-growing debt for another month and not because they want to, not because they have a passion for it, but because they have to, so that they can make the next car payment, mortgage payment, engagement ring payment, credit card payment, whatever payment. The scenario seems familiar no time for self-reflection but only performing duties.This is your not-so-conscious living on autopilot.Conscious living means living life, and enjoying happiness. It can be as simple as smiling at everyone you see. Sharing some ways in which we can live a little more consciously fulfilling life:
Value Your Time
Time is the most valued thing in one’s life. To live consciously one must manage time purposely and make sure that the right kind of habits occupy your time. If you don’t replace bad habits with useful habits,they will soon affect your life.
Awareness is the root of living a conscious life.Awareness about self helps you to make the right choice and avoid wrong. Self-awareness changes one’s life to a significant extent and uplifts it. When one understands what he/she really wants,the magic begins. It shows how you liveand what all changes need to be made.
Be More Intentional
Focus, focus, focus when you are planning to be conscious. Focus on every minute detail about your life. In the current scenario, it may seem difficult to lead a mindful life as there are ample distractions planted in your way in the form of technology. But to focus on self-growth and knowing what is right for you is consciousness.
Journal Regularly
Every morning for 5-10 minutes, write your intentions for the day. What and how do you want your day to turn out? Ask yourself frequently, what do I want to do today? Will it make me happy? What all I want to do in the future? This will help you realize your true potential and what you really want to do with your life. For 90 days straight, set aside a few minutes regularly and reflect on yourself and your day to be more productive.
Be awareof others too
This year make an attempt to uplift others too. Make a conscious effort to improve the lives of others, too, through a random act of kindness. Instead of only being concerned about yourself, making a teeny-weeny effort for others will make you feel better. Helping your domestic helpers in some way can be a great start. Make it happen in some way.
Conscious living is becoming the new trend. The awareness of self and taking responsibility for our actions is conscious living. Along with other resolutions, make living consciously a part of your goals too. Think good and positive about yourself. You are destined for great things that are there in the world. From this very moment consciousness should be the mantra for year 2023. Concluding with the wise words of Socrates,
“The unexamined life is not worth living.”