Electricity disruptions

Unprecedented power cuts in Jammu are a matter of concern. During the latest heavy snowfall in the Kashmir Valley, it is reported that the Power Department worked day and night and in most of the areas restored the power supply for which the public is appreciating the department. Here in Jammu it seems a different case. Mostly during the summer period, the power supply remains poor in Jammu. Nevertheless, during the winter it remains almost normal. Leave the power disruptions aside due to heavy rains in Jammu but it is suspiring why this season under normal conditions, the power supply is disrupted and there are unnecessary and frequent power cuts. It gives us the idea of the power problems in the coming summer.
With the abrogation of 370 and converting the state into Union Territory, we have been given the assurances of development and that too on fast track. But unfortunately the situation is otherwise on the ground.
In addition, the recent new set up of the Power Department generated hope that the miseries due to power crisis will be over now but no, it remains the same. It is time to stitch in time and save the people from the problems due to power crisis in this hot region in the coming summer. It is winter here, so the people can withstand with the power failure but in summer, it will be unbearable if it remains the same.
Hemraj Mahajan
Channi Himmat