Elderly people

Various days are celebrated in India. Likewise, day for  elderly people  is also observed once a year to make the young people aware about their responsibility toward old age people. Young generation does not treat old age people properly because, joint family system is not in vouge now. In ancient time, elderly people were treated with great respect.
Opinion, advice or any function used to take place with the consent of Head of the family member.  In the modern era, no one, bothers to take any advise before doing any function & other allied works in the home.
I consider that the moral value have vanished from the Modern society. This is against our civilization. One should keep in mind that “as you sow so shall you reap”. India was only country where old people used to be considered as pious or respectable.
Yours etc….
Krishan Singh Charak
Gole Puli


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