Education sector in shambles

It is said that the education system in the J&K State is in a State of sorry affairs. The Government Schools are blamed for poor performance and often subjected to criticism by people from  all sections of the society. But nobody looks at the fact that these schools lack infrastructure and requisite staff. Most of schools have no principals and headmasters. In remote villages schools, there is shortage of staff. The high schools are manned by four or five teachers only while the sanctioned strength is more than that. Besides in Government schools, a student is promoted upto 10th Class and no one is detained at the time of examination whileas in a private school if it is felt that the student who can’t  pass his exam in 10th or 12th Class is detained. He is asked to appear in private. Naturally, the  private schools show better performance than the Government schools.
Examination of 8th Class with a criteria of “Passing any three subjects” is declared pass. The student who does not know the basics in a middle school, has been declared successful in a high or Higher Secondary School cannot run inspite of much efforts. There must be a criteria which can atleast detect his/her potential for the ability to go to the higher classes.
The School Education Director lists of Headmasters framed for promotions has been delayed for no reasons. Hundreds of the schools are suffering without headmasters. What interests can be there for the delay when lists have been completed quite back much earlier?
So the Chief Minister who is holding the portfolio of education as well is requested to direct the Directors of both the provinces for the early display of Headmasters list.
Yours etc….
Prof. Kali Dass
Gen. Secretary
All J&K Backward Classes Union


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