Dumping garbage in drains

It is not that easy or any way less important, the KACHRA or the household and other type of wastes , garbage, plastic pieces, marriages Parties throw away material like plastic small containers, coffee- tea, ice-cream plastic cups,  asbestos packing material , building malba, polythene bags and sheets, chips  snacks empty packing bags  and the like,  pose a very grim picture as regards throwing in lanes, streets, deep drains, vacant plots, nullahs and their lifting and final disposal on scientific basis.Our city which has swelled in urban population or coming up of more and more colonies, buildings etc contribute enormously in generating such stuff as a result of day to day living, social functions  and due to other reasons related to the living of people in the city. Conventional ways and space availability for throwing these stuff have either gone awry or have totally shrunk.
Now most of this material is safely dumped in 3 t0 4 ft. wide and as much deep drains  built in almost on all roads and lanes on both sides. One of the main reasons of black topping of roads getting damaged is because of overflowing of drain water as they get chocked and filled to the top.It is an environmental hazard and one of the causes of air and ground pollution.Does anyone seriously think about it ? Is it not crying for being attended to on priority?Have we always to shut our eyes when it relates to the cleanliness of the city and moreover the health of our people , especially the children? Should we as citizens enjoy the comforts of not carrying bags of cotton or paper when shopping instead of getting goods home in dangerous polythene bags? Cannot we citizens take a vow NOT to use polythene bags and save Jammu but wait for the government to make selling and carrying polythene bags a cognizable offence?
Yours etc…
Vikas Mahajan
Shastri Nagar


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