Drug menace

After Punjab, it is now our state of Jammu and Kashmir which is getting into the bobby trap of  drugs mafia. It is getting broadened in its base day by day in this state. Kashmir division had already been under  its influence largely because of cross border terrorism and other factors but Jammu division which had been free of its influence is fast getting into it . First it used to be Forex or other sedative cough syrups and capsules coming here via Punjab route and Police authorities have been  apprehending such criminals engaged in selling this sweet poison mainly to cripple our youth but now it is the progressive form and types of drugs that finds its ways into the city.
Recently the Police apprehended four engineering studying students from Talab Tiloo area suspected of smuggling and selling heroine and other deadly drugs mainly to the younger people in the city. The situation needs more concerted efforts both by the law enforcing agencies as well as by the public themselves , especially parents and teachers. We see the increasing percentage of drug addicts in the youth of Punjab and its other effects. We have to make awareness programmes more purposeful among the youth against this silent enemy killing our youth. It has other sides also that of security , terrorism and espionage breeding out of or along side the drug trafficking.
Yours etc…
Surinder Sharma
Gandhi Nagar


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