Dr Abdullah also suffers from intolerence syndrome: PK

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Jan 15: Panun Kashmir (PK) led by Vijay Bhat has strongly criticized the former CM, Dr. Farooq Abdullah for spreading lies and malicious campaign about intolerance. P K in a special meeting today to take stock of situation in view of the statement made by Dr. Abdullah that intolerance in India is rising and minorities are severally affected which is totally incorrect and biased.
Vijay Bhat president PK said that the statement of Dr. Abdullah is unfortunate and has no substance and has been made keeping in view the forthcoming elections and to communalise the situation in J&K. Farooq has joined the bandwagon of intolerance brigade following Hamid Ansari, Nassiruddin Shah, Amir Khan and so on, he added.
Convenor Ravinder Jalali took a strong note that the secular and liberal image of India is affected rather the fact of the matter is that the image of India is damaged by the people like Abdullah under a well planned strategy and conspiracy.
Dr. Abdullah has no moral right to talk about the minority when he being the Chief Minister at that time was himself responsible for the ethnic cleansing and genocide of Kashmiri Pandits and forced them to leave their homes. `’You were heading the State and every thing was going under your nose which amounts to the fact all the happening had your permission,. Then you left the State and basked in the sunshine of London”, said Ravinder Jalali while addressing the members.
He further said that if he has an iota of shame in him he would not have talked of minority and that too of Indian Muslims.
“In India and as well as in Kashmir particular, we have seen very fearful and terrible years more particularly during last 30 years or say 35 years”, he said. The first sign that Kashmir was heading towards troubled times came in 1986 when the State witnessed the worst communal riot of its history. The riots took place in Anantnag, Kashmir in which Kashmiri Pandits lost nearly 300 homes in these riots and a few of their temples were also burnt down. But Dr Abdullah did not see intolerance”, he added.
“On December 8, 1989, Rubaiya Sayeed, daughter of Mufti Mohd Sayeed, was kidnapped by terrorists (JKLF). Five militants were freed in exchange of safe release for Mufti’s daughter. The surrender boosted the morale of the terrorists and the rest is history now. Was it acceptable to Dr. Abdullah then, the PK leader asked?


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