Dozens still missing in central Japan’s deadly mudslide

TOKYO (JAPAN): Rescue workers continued to search for survivors three days after a large mudslide swept through a coastal city, killing at least four people and leaving two dozen others unaccounted for.
One more victim was confirmed dead on Monday night bringing the death toll to four, while 26 people have been rescued, CNN reported citing an Atami official.
Footage over social media showed the deluge of black water crash down a mountain and destroy every home that came in its path.
“The mudslide looked like a tsunami — it was like a big wave that made a thunderous noise and came crashing down. The ground rumbled and the electricity pylons were shaking”, a survivor told CNN.
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga expressed his condolences to the victims and said rescue workers are doing their best to save lives. He also said that heavy rain will continue in several parts of the country and urged people to give close attention to weather updates and check hazard maps in their localities.
Torrential rains triggered the powerful mudslide in Atami’s Shizuoka prefecture which is about 90 km (56 miles) southwest of Tokyo.
The debris flow has cut off the city’s water supply and roads. Many people have been forced out of their homes. (AGENCY)