Donald Trump Forging Ahead


By Kalyani Shankar

On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump’s win over his challenger, Nikki Haley, intensified the American presidential election race. With this win, Trump is moving toward a clear path to the Republican nomination. He dominated the primaries so far, in which voters select a party’s nominee who will compete in the presidential election scheduled in November this year.

“On November 5, we’ll get up here and say, ‘Joe, you’re fired! You’re fired! Get out!'” Trump said after his South Carolina win. According to polls, the next presidential election on November 5 is expected to be close. It will be a replay between the current President, Joe Biden, and the former President, Donald Trump, just like in 2020. Additionally, there will be third-party candidates in the upcoming election.

Both presidential candidates are old. American media reports suggest that some people prefer a third option. They believe there is little difference between them. Fewer Americans are interested in a potential rematch between these two candidates.

Biden wants to finish the work he started in his first term. He believes winning a second term is crucial to preserving America’s democratic traditions. However, some people worry about his age and the reported memory loss, while others support him. Republicans have criticized him for this.

Historically, since 1944, no US President has lost an election without a recession during the election cycle or just before. Being the incumbent President is in Biden’s favour. He has no serious challengers in his party. Though Biden’s poll numbers are low, the Democrats do not have an alternative plan.

The two presumptive presidential candidates must complete several steps before the November elections. From January 15 to June 4, 2024, states are to hold caucuses and primary elections to choose their preferred candidates. The two candidates with the most support from their party members will officially become the nominees during the conventions. The Republican National Convention will take place from July 15 to July 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From August 19 to August 22, the National Convention of the Democrats will be held in Chicago, Illinois,

Democrats and Independents prioritize preserving democracy and concerns about inflation and immigration. The campaign will focus on essential topics such as reproductive rights, climate change, democracy in America, and US support for Ukraine.

Suppose President Trump is re-elected for a second term; he may seek retribution against his adversaries. There are concerns about whether Trump intends to decrease the number of federal civil service employees, tighten immigration regulations, and terminate the Affordable Care Act. Trump has also vowed to make trade with China more challenging, hinting that he may not defend all NATO partners.

Biden’s low approval ratings and reported memory issues made it necessary to impress his supporters that he has the energy and ability to serve another four years as President. He will be 82 when elections take place on November 5. Trump will be 77.

Biden is confident that he is the only Democratic candidate capable of defeating Trump. He has emphasized his role in protecting democracy overseas. In the campaign, he’s been focusing on the threat to democracy within the. United States.

As for his performance, Biden fulfilled vital campaign promises, like creating jobs and restoring normalcy after COVID. Americans tend to vote for the party that best serves their economic interests. Historically, they have tended to support the governing party during good times, while in bad times, they prefer the opposition. In 1992, Bill Clinton used the campaign slogan “It’s the economy, stupid” to emphasize the significance of the economy in politics.

Trump faces 91 criminal charges under four indictments. They are: For falsifying his business records in New York. For withholding classified federal government documents in Florida. And for attempts to overturn the 2020 election in two separate cases in Washington and the state of Georgia.

Despite these serious allegations, a significant number of members of the Republican party continue to show support for him. He has the support of those who believe in ‘ White supremacy.” It remains to be seen how Trump’s potential convictions will impact his popularity.

The next President will also have to deal with the global challenges. The international community closely monitors the situation, anticipating the outcome of the country’s next major democratic test. The world wants to know how well the country will fare in its next big democratic test, as President Biden and Democrats project Trump as a threat to democracy.

While the November election will be closely contested, independent voters, especially in swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, will decide the outcome of the polls. America values youth, but how they will compromise with Trump or Biden is still being determined. The country has seen their performance. They have no choice except to choose one or the other. Trump hopes that a second term could deliver vindication for him, who has pushed baseless claims that the 2020 election was stolen. For Biden, it would be a chance for continuity. (IPA )