Dogri Sanstha flays curtailing telecast duration of Jammu Doordarshan

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 9: Dogri Sanstha has condemned the reported decision of Government to curtail the telecast duration of Jammu Doordarshan from four and a half hours to just half an hour.
A handout of Sanstha stated that instead of yielding to the popular demand of Dogras for a full fledged Duggar Channel, the Government unwisely chose to sprinkle salt on the wounds of artist community of Jammu by bringing Jammu Doordarshan on the verge of extinction. Urging upon the Doordarshan authorities to revoke this order, Prof. Lalit Magotra, President Dogri Sansthas said that Jammu Doordarshan, which came into existence in 1990 after a prolonged struggle, played a historic role to counter the malicious propaganda unleashed by electronic media of Pakistan.
“It also supported the artist community in their endeavour to promote art, heritage and languages including Dogri, Hindi, Gojari, Pahari, Punjabi and Bhadarwahi,” he said.
He also said that with reduction of telecast hours and shutting down of 25 Low Power Transmission relay stations, the worst sufferers would be Dogri speaking populace who are already facing sheer discrimination in every sphere of life.
He also said that Prof Magotra disclosed that Sanstha has decided to fight tooth and nail against this discrimination.


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