Dogri Kavi Sammelan

This has reference to the news item ‘SMDA organises Dogri Kavi Sammelan at Mansar’ (DE, Dec 31, 2018).It is heartening to read that Surinsar-Mansar Development Authority (SMDA) organised a Dogri poetic session on the decks of Boat Club at famous tourist and religious spot, Mansar, in which both the noted and the budding poets from across the Jammu region presented their poems , ghazals etc. On the cultural and other aspects of this beautiful lake.SMDA has, over the last few months, strived hard and launched innovative measures to promote tourism to the twin lakes of Mansar and Surinsar, both of which have profound cultural and religious significance for the people living in the Duggar region.These lakes having pristine beauty and located amidst thick forests and commanding unparalled natural beauty, have perhaps not been paid as much attention as ought to have been given to them to tap their tourist potential.
These lakes have huge tourist potential and can attract a large footfall of tourists provided sincere efforts are made to bring their scenic and breathtaking beauty, as well as, the facilities being provided to the tourists by the Government and other attractions,to the notice of people across the country and bring them on the national and international map.The innovative measures now being launched by SMDA,such as organising tree talk, trekking activities,heritage walk etc will definitely showcase the scenic beauty and rich heritage that this region is famous for and promote tourism to boost the local economy.The fact that Dogri food was served to the poets and the audience and that too on biodegradable leafy cup and plates(Doona-Pattal) will go a long way in popularising the Dogra staple foods as well as the use of biodegradable leafy plates instead of non biodegradable disposable plates which pose a threat to fragile ecological balance in this region.The SMDA deserves to be appreciated for taking these to boost tourism in this region and promoting Dogra cuisine and Doona-Pattal and such initiaves need to be adopted by officers incharge of other tourist spots to boost tourism in the regions under their jurisdiction.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony, Udhampur.


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