Dogri gets a niche on Google

“Google Translate” has, over the years proved to be of immense importance and benefit for aspiring knowledge seekers in translating various languages and now a proud moment for the people of the UT, in particular millions of Dogri lovers is that Dogri Translate is available on the tech giant Google. More than 133 languages translated and available on it is fast breaking the barriers of connecting different peoples and understanding the beauty and the literary treasures of various languages. Information technology revolution has undoubtedly changed the scenario and the face of knowing more, accurate, different, varied and perhaps instantly just with a click.
India has a major share in the list of the languages that are available in translated form as eight Indian languages from out of 24 languages spoken in various parts of the world and available under “Google Translate” including Dogri are there to be benefitted from. The decision of the Google in respect of according this status to Dogri language is really a historical event deserving to be proud of. Should we not, therefore, popularise and speak, use, write and convey more in this mother tongue of millions?