Doctors, academicians take out candle light march

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Cardiologists and academicians taking out candle light march on Monday.
Cardiologists and academicians taking out candle light march on Monday.

JAMMU, Sept 21: In what could be termed as low-profile but significant peace building effort, cardiologists and academicians today came together on “World Peace Day”, joined hands with scholars and students of University of Jammu to spread message of peace and tranquillity within the State, country and across the globe. The initiative was enthusiastically supported by Vice-Chancellor of University of Jammu Prof. R. D. Sharma.
Earlier, the students and Scholars of the university presented memorandum to the Vice Chancellor regarding setting up of Centre for Peace Studies. In the evening, participants took a round of the University Campus with candles in their hands, to give a message to one and all that it is better to light candles of peace than to burst crackers of violence and bloodshed.
In the serene evening of September 21, candle light peace march was led by Dr Sushil K Sharma   Head of Cardiology and Dr Seema Rohmetra of Law School (local co-ordinator Gandhi Peace Foundation). Participants marched with discipline and grace.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sharma said, “We all should make efforts for world peace from whatever level we can. Conflict is mother of all ills. From wars on the borders to family disputes, conflicts have destroyed beautiful lives. Let us stand together and pledge to spread message and tranquillity.”
In his brief but crisp speech, Dr Sushil  said “I am a cardiologist and can claim with authority that none knows damage caused by conflicts, wars and disputes on human lives better than us. We deal with heart and it is this part of body, which suffers immensely during anger, disputes, wars, conflicts and useless fights.”
“Having been born in a border state and then, being a cardiologist, I have seen how war wrecks families; disputes destroy homes built over years; conflict ruins young and old, male and female; anger kills people much before their destined date with death”, said Dr. Sushil.
Dr Seema Rohmetra, while highlighting peace said “All religions teach peace, love and brotherhood but those interpreting this message distort it for their selfish ends. This is where the problem begins and from where the conflicts escalate. From home to borders, this leads to tension and stress which ultimately results in death and destruction.”
Dr Rohmetra further highlighted the contributions made by great visionaries like Mahatma Gandhi, King Martin Luther and Nelson Mandela towards conflict resolutions at different levels employing the tool of non violence. She also made an appeal to the youth to take inspiration from then and adopt their philosophies and strategies thereby marching ahead towards realization of global peace.
Dr. Sushil laid emphasis on praying for peace and tranquillity besides working practically towards achieving this goal.Among others who spoke on the occasion included Dr Sandeep, Rohit Khajuria, Sohail Shahzad, Zahid, Intikhab, Ajit Verma and Nitan Sharma (Research scholar law Department).
The gathering for candle light march pledged to work towards building peace and spreading message of love and friendship.


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