DNA of INDI alliance & Pak seem to be similar: Yogi

'Yamraaj' will be waiting for those who dare to harass women, businessmen in UP: Adityanath
'Yamraaj' will be waiting for those who dare to harass women, businessmen in UP: Adityanath

SITAPUR (UP), May 12: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday that the DNA of Congress, the Samajwadi Party, the INDI alliance, and Pakistan seem to be similar.
Addressing an election meeting at Gandhi Degree College, Sidhauli, Sitapur, the CM said, “The poor used to die of hunger during the time of the SP and Congress. And while people are starving to death in Pakistan, 80 crore people are getting free rations in India.”
Attacking the opposition, he said, “Congress had an opportunity for 60?65 years to work for the development of India, but it did not. There was a lack of medical facilities during the UPA Government.
They used to play with people’s faith, allow the poor to die of hunger, and drive farmers to suicide. PM Modi has lifted more people (25 crore) than the population of Pakistan above the poverty line in a span of 10 years.”
He urged people to ensure that the candidates of such political parties that dare to play with the future of the country lost their deposits in this election.
He was appealing for votes in favor of Union Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate Kaushal Kishore.
Yogi said that the corrupt and those who do not want to see India develop are upset over PM Modi becoming the Prime Minister for the third time. “The voices of the INDI alliance and Pakistan are resonating in Pakistan.
They oppose India, Lord Ram, marginalised communities, including scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, daughters, and businessmen. Therefore, the citizens have decided to reelect PM Modi with an overwhelming majority to realise the dream of a developed and self-reliant India,” he said.
Highlighting the development works, he said that when the BJP’s Manish Rawat was elected in 2022, the maximum houses were built in Sitapur district. “We are working to develop Naimisharanya on the lines of Ayodhya Dham,” he said.
The CM said, “Congress and SP didn’t have a vision for development. Just like the steam from a coal engine, the pace of development during their time was terribly slow.
All that they were interested in was commissions. So, development was neglected.”
He accused Congress and SP members of conspiring to tamper with the reservations for backward classes, scheduled castes, and tribes by altering the Constitution of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar.
He urged the public to not let the opposition interfere with their rights.
Yogi said that RJD’s Lalu Prasad Yadav, a key component of the INDI alliance, had said in Bihar during the UPA Government that he would give OBC reservation to the Muslims here, a proposition that India would not endorse. He emphasised that Baba Saheb had explicitly stated that reservations cannot be based on religion.
He accused the opposition of aiming to introduce a Jizya tax by imposing an inheritance tax on Indians’ ancestral property. He asserted that they harbor the spirit of Aurangzeb, but India will not tolerate it.
The CM said, “Aurangzeb was the cruelest ruler among the Mughals. No civilized Muslim names their children Aurangzeb, yet these Congress and SP members seek to confiscate your property through inheritance tax and dishonour the nation.”
Continuing his attack on the opposition, he said that they intended to grant freedom of eating beef to the minorities, thereby promoting cow slaughter in the country if elected to power, which the country would never tolerate.
Yogi said, “It was the power of your vote that brought Lord Ram to Ayodhya after 500 years. Our generation has realised the aspirations of our forefathers.
This achievement was made possible under PM Modi’s guidance because your votes empowered the BJP.
If the state were governed by the SP and the country by the Congress, Ram devotees would have faced bullets, akin to the events of 1990. Those who target Ram devotees, betray Ram, or support terrorists will not govern this nation.” (UNI)