Discrepancies in ULB elections

I would like to bring discrepancies in holding Urban Local Bodies Elections in the State.
Election authorities have made a lot of discrepancies in nomination form 6A by not mentioning about the participation of females and independents in the said form. The form continues to be in circulation even now.
No videography was done in any of the Returning Officer’s room while filling nomination forms, clearly indicating violations in the norms of the election commission and Hon’ble Court’s directions and the person/s responsible is/are Chief Electoral officer, Jammu & Kashmir and District Election officers of their respectived District. Similarly, no videography was done during scrutiny also, thus making mockery of the laws by the Election Commission whereas on the scrutiny day, on 26-09-2018 the undersigned was not allowed to object to the rejected forms from Ward No. 10, 4, 3 at Central Basic School, Purani Mandi, Jammu by the Returning Officer and other staff posted there as no training to the Returning Officers was provided. In Ward No. 28 on scrutiny day, on 26-09-2018, the draw of lottery of independents having same symbol choice was conducted by throwing all norms to wind which was otherwise to be conducted after 3 pm after the expiry of withdrawal time given to the candidates. Besides norms of Model Code of Conduct have been violated by announcing incentives to RETs, increase in the salary of more than 20000 PSOs, announcement of one-month salary for the Govt. employees on Poll duty besides many other announcements.
Sanjeev Kumar Sareen


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