Digitization of record

The fire that broke out in an annexe of the Secretariat in Srinagar on 11 July has catalyzed digitization of entire record for future security and safety. At least that is one of the good things the Government could have learnt from the fire incident. Although in the first instance, and perhaps by way of experiment, only four Departments will be taken up by the digitization agency, it is believed that in due course of time entire secretarial record will be digitized. That is a good thing but at the same time, secrecy of the content of documents, too, has to be maintained. It is good that the inquiry committee into the incident of fire has submitted its report, which led to the opening up of the digitization issue. The Department of Information Technology has prepared the blue print for the task of digitization and Chief Minister has given his consent to the scheme and also allocate the budget for the work. This is bound to revolutionize the system of maintaining record in trim and making it handy. While this is being done, it is important that the digitized record should not be available to unconcerned people or visitors and that hacking is made impossible. The data has to be entered and saved with utmost care and there should be good mechanism to ensure correct entries into computer.
We are disposed to think that in case digitization of entire Secretariat record is done successfully and within the stipulated time, the Government should think of carrying the digitization movement to district level administration also. That would immensely increase output of work in the district office and also will contribute to smart handling of record at the State level. In short a revolution is going to happen in our connectivity project. But without cooperation from the people no improvement in our life style is possible.


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