DFSS stages protest over erratic power supply

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 27: The workers of Dogra Front & Shiv Sena (DFSS) under the leadership of president, Ashok Gupta, today took out a protest in Jammu city against the erratic power supply.
Expressing resentment over insufficient supply of electricity, the protesters carried fans in their hands to show that they were of no use without electricity.
Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Gupta alleged that the entire Jammu region is without light in sweltering hot and humid conditions. He said the long duration power cuts along with fluctuation and low voltage have made the lives of people miserable.
He said, “The people are burdened with 10 to 12 hours long power cuts in the peak of summer season. The women, children, old aged person and heart patients are suffering due to power cuts and there is no drinking water for the people”.
Criticizing PDD for the failure to keep its promise, Gupta said that it was the same PDD which had given a categorical assurance that the areas which get electronic meters installed will not have to suffer any power cut.
“On one hand, the PDD does not ensure regular supply of electricity and drinking water, and on the other hand, it acts like dictator and immediately disconnect the connections if any consumer deposits tariff little late”, Gupta said, adding, apart from power cuts, most areas in Jammu were facing heavy voltage fluctuations due to which there were reports of damage to electronic gadgets like TV, refrigerator and air-conditioners.
“In these days, when the temperature is 44 to 45 degrees, only electricity and drinking water can provide some relief from scorching heat but unfortunately both these commodities have gone out of the reach of a common citizen”, he regretted.


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