Devasthan Malgoor

Shiv Ram Gupta

The Story of Devasthan Malgoor has remained untold, and it needs to be told to pass the importance of this shrine to posterity.

Legend has it that 500 years ago, the  Mahajan families residing  in village Malgoor were well off. They were  physically, economically, educationally and socially sound. All of a sudden a plague broke out in Malgoor village.  This disease did not spare children, women and old person. The people of Malgoor thought it  better to leave village Malgoor to save families and children. Some went towards Samba some towards Drung Udhampur, Kohag and Jammu.
These villages fall in district Samba and Kathua. one of the families migrated to a place but  left behind an old couple,  who was at the brink of death. There was no one  to look after, them.  The old pair  cursed the people that they and their coming generation can’t stay and settle or do business in Malgoor. There would be heavy loss of  health, wealth, and reputation if they returned to this village-Malgoor.
It is safe to surmise that good deeds give smile and satisfaction while bad deeds give dissatisfaction and develop ill feelings. The families who  migrated from Samba  to these places were not happy and they were waiting for peace and consolation. They left no stone unturned to find out the main cause of their frustration, unrest disturbance of mental peace and domestic bickering
They consulted Mahatmas, Gurus, Yogis, Pandits, and tantric for the root cause of their worries. While they were in search of peace, they were told  that are facing  this situation due to the curses of the old couple that was left behind. They can get the peace only when they bowed their heads  before the couple to beg peace from them.
The Malguria family from Punjab, Samba, Kohag, Udhampur and Jammu, Durgapur managed Yogis, Chellas and Drum beaters. These saints advised these people to go to  Malgoor (Kathua) atleast twice in a year i.e. in the month of April and November with family and prepare meal there. They should then partake the prashada.
The families from Kohag (Billawar) further migrated to Jammu, Udhampur and Delhi. Their number is more than 70. Malguria families residing at Kohag (Billawar) are dedicated, devoted and do the work in a disciplined way. In order to trace Malgoor Devasthan credit goes to  Harinder Gupta,  Krishan Lal Gupta of Talab Tillo,  Jagdish Gupta and Pawan Gupta of Kohag. Process of registration was made by Krishan Lal Gupta, Jagdish Gupta and Harinder Gupta by correspondence and personal visits to Punjab and other key areas.
They  prepared a complete and comprehensive record of Malguria families.
Now the dates of congregation of Malguria Biradhri were fixed on 4th Nov. and April i.e twice in a year. The Malgurias of different places come and contribute in the shape of cash/kinds. Some donate plates, glasses, patilas, rice and pulses etc. as per their capacity.
Now our elders have forgiven us and atrocities made by us are no more in their mind. Mistakes generally made by youngsters are usually forgiven by elders.
Now Malgurias are self sufficient and self supporting as they are in good position.  Now a beautiful Devsthan exists at  this place. Our elders generally give darshan to us in the form of Nag Devta. There is proper arrangement of boarding and lodging, if anybody wants to stay more than one or two days. Every kind of facility is provided to pilgrims here.


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