Deptt of Stationery and Office Supplies is a liability

What precisely is a staff of 150 persons ”doing” in the Government department of Stationery and Office Supplies is worth to be made known as a salary bill of whooping Rs.5 crore is paid from the public exchequer every year for virtually nothing. It is better to wind up the department as the very basis of its setting up is hardly of any relevance today as most of the departments are purchasing the items of stationery direct from the market and with introduction of information technology in most of the departments, requirement of paper, files , ink, pens etc is considerably reduced. The staff of this defunct department could be ‘adjusted’ in other departments where at least, they had some work to attend to, giving solace to them at the end of the day that they were getting salary for the work they were actually doing. We, however, do not blame the staff but the system of appraisal.
Otherwise, most of these departments in different districts are headless and higher authorities too are not serious to post District Officers or other officers at these centres and no purchases of the stationery etc are there for the last two years, the staff rendered idle therefore, warrant an early winding up of this department and making adjustments of the staff accordingly. However, a system of appraisal and reckoning of utility and performance of each department particularly those which are like or akin to the one under reference, is needed on periodic basis to justify continuance of such a department.


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