Deport Rohingyas

It is completely illegal for Rohingya immigrants to stay in India as it would have serious ramifications on our country’s peace and demography. In Jammu and Kashmir, these Rohingya refugees are settled at various places and one wonders how these illegal immigrants have acquired our country’s citizenship documents such as Aadhar cards, ration cards, voter cards, permanent resident certificates etc and are using other forged documents to buy land and properties as well. These Rohingyas of Myanmar, it has been reported have also links with terrorist organizations in Pakistan and other terrorist outfits like ISIS and LET which is really a cause of grave concern for all of us. Some reports also said that these illegal immigrants are involved in human trafficking.
Moreover, their settlement in J&K is also against the article 370 of Indian constitution. However, there are also many politicians in our state who support the Rohingyas settlement in Jammu and Kashmir. On the one hand these politicians are supporting Article 370 and on the other hand these politicians want the Rohingyas settlement in Jammu. This shows the double standards of our politicians. It is high time that the Government acts swiftly in this matter and deports these illegal immigrants as early as possible so that Jammu’s peace and demography could be safeguarded.
Vivek Koul
Bank Colony,
Gole Gujral Jammu


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