Demonitization drill


Everybody hailed the decision of the Prime Minister regarding the demonetization of money to curb corruption and  black money.
There was one lacuna that the main spring of currency;  “The Reserve Bank of India”, ought to have been taken into confidence to exercise this stupendons task to anticipate the aftermath of this drill. The new notes ought to have been tried in an ATM, so that the people would not have to wait in long queues before ATM’s and banks of the country. It took long time for new Rs 500 notes to get adjusted in the ATMs of the country. Now all is well that ends well. The PM talks of cashless transaction in the country is a distant dream yet. More than 70 percent of the people, who live in villages and 20 percent who live in the far flung areas being devoid of road and bank connectively are still ignorant enough to understand “e-wallet” mobile banking concepts!
Hence the need of the hour is to issue paper currency to tide over the period of crises for poor labourers and artisans.
The Union Finance Minister has cited the examples of foreign countries, where lower denomination notes are in circulation. It is advisable to curb the circulation of Rs 2000 notes and bring Rs 200 denominations notes into circulation as, it shall give filip to economy and root out the menace of black money and corruption for ever.
Yours etc…
K L Dhar
Durga Nagar Enclave



Demonetisation, as done, is likely to bear far reaching affects by reducing evils like tax evasion, black marketing and fake currency rackets operating unabated through out the country. The ughly face of corruption which has been fundamental reason for creation of  such situation, may also get beautified by these measures. Initially, problems aren’t unlikely to arise, the results will be in the interest of the nation. Sacrificing something for a great thing is not considered bad. Eradication of any evil is never easy, and therefore, requires endurance and patience. Politicization of issues, when not required, is absolutely not good. Parties interests should never come on the way where national interests are involved. It goes without saying, the tendency of amassing wealth through unfair and illegal ways, will be discouraged by such steps. Terrorism and corruption never allow any state to prosper, no matter whatsoever resources it possesses. Therefore, drastic steps, to what degree, hard and inconvenient may be, need to be taken  without delay. Evil flourishes  only when we help, assist  and tolerate it.
Yours etc…
Keshwa  Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)



It has been  observed that some politicians raise hue and cry to denounce demonetisation policy of Modi Govt with the purpose to satiate their interest. The decision taken by our Prime Minister is a bold one and people having vested interests take political gain. There are people who have amassed huge wealth will not be spared come what may as was said by our P M. The demonetisation decision taken by the Prime Minister will help in checking corruption and will help in the eradication of poverty from the country. In this bold decision people at large support Prime Minister and there are no two opinions so far as the matter is concerned.
Our Prime Minister has yet to go miles ahead. Black marketing is quite rampant in the country which has to be dealt with firm hand. There are people in the country who own  big farm houses without paying any tax in addition to their huge properties. Red-tapism in the bureaucracy is found unnoticed and prevails from bottom to top. The Govt  has miserably failed in curbing red-tapism from the bureaucracy. Lastly Indian Parliament should  enact a law to convict those people who are indulging in anti-national activities in whatsoform with life imprisonment. Modi’s economical revolutionary step would be welcome in near future.
Yours etc….
S N Raina


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