Demonetisation and GST not successful as people not patting Govt`s back: Lalu 

PATNA:  RJD Chief Lalu Prasad today claimed that demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax (GST)`s roll out were unsuccessful exercises as people of the country were not appreciating the Government but only BJP was patting its own back.

Renewing his attack on the Narendra Modi Government, Mr Prasad tweeted, “Demonetisation and roll out of GST could have been considered successful had the people beaten drums about them not BJP. BJP was not required to pat its own back but people would have beaten its back”.

Earlier, Mr Prasad had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on demonestisation by asserting that it was implemented to satisfy his ego. He had said that 150 people had lost their lives on the altar of demonetisation, describing the move as completely unsuccessful. He had also alleged that rich people were successful in converting their black money into white and poor people were left in a lurch.



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