Delhi Govt sets up mental health units in homes for women

NEW DELHI :  The Delhi government has set up mental health units in all its correctional and destitute homes for women and children to help the inmates realise their potential and join the mainstream.
A team of three to five experts, including psychiatrists, counsellors and psychologists, has been deployed in each home and they have been mandated with the responsibility of doing complete psychological profiling of the inmates who come with histories of abuse, neglect, violence and trauma.
“It has been two weeks since these mental health units were set up in all the homes for women and children in partnership with NGOs.
“Earlier, these services were restricted to juvenile homes. But now it has been formally set up in all homes with greater number of staff who are technically qualified,” said Saumya Gupta, Director of the Department of Women and Child Development of the Delhi government.
The experts also provide other facilities like family counselling, anger management, career and emotional counselling and also medication if needed, said Gupta.
“Also these experts are available round-the-clock and they could be reached anytime in the day or night in case of an emergency,” said Gupta.
The department has formed a monitoring and evaluation committee comprising experts from the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences, AIIMS and Delhi University, which will assess and monitor the quality of services on quarterly basis.
“The idea is to help them realise their potential and bring them into the mainstream,” Gupta added. (AGENCIES)


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