Delayed winter session assault on Parl Democracy: Cong

NEW DELHI:  Charging the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi of shying away from summoning the winter session of Parliament before the Gujarat elections out of the fear of getting exposed before the people of the state, the Congress on Saturday said that calling a delayed winter session was an assault on Parliamentary Democracy.

Talking to reporters here, AICC senior spokesperson and deputy leader of the Congress in the Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma said, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are scared of summoning Parliament before the assembly elections in Gujarat out of fear that doing so would expose them before the people of Gujarat.

The BJP and the PM are running away from Parliament. It is an assault on Parliamentary Democracy.” Mr Sharma said that notwithstanding the delayed summoning of the winter session of Parliament, the opposition would corner the Government on issues like corruption in the Rafale aircraft deal, the huge job loss and fall in exports and the GDP due to demonetisation and flawed Goods and Services Tax (GST), farmers distress and internal security.

”We will corner the Government in Parliament on the irregularities in the Rafale aircraft deal, the failure of the NDA Government to create jobs, the destruction of the economy through the decision of demonetisation and the faulty implementation of the GST and the farmers’ distress,” Mr Sharma said. (AGENCIES)


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