Defiance by design

In these columns we have repeatedly raised the issue of inability of the State administration to implement various Centrally sponsored schemes and projects of development within the given time frame. We have warned the Government of adverse consequences of either delaying or abandoning half way most of the schemes. The Governor of the State, too, has been thinking along these lines. He had made a strong suggestion that a committee of top bureaucrats is constituted to monitor the implementation of some of the mega developmental plans and periodically report the progress. If there are any bottlenecks, suggestions had to be provided how these would be removed and how administration could be run smoothly. Apart from the Governor, the CAG too, in its various reports has been suggesting constituting of a high powered committee of senior bureaucrats with the purpose of ensuring timely implementation of all Centrally sponsored schemes so that our State does not lag behind other States in developmental activities.
Unfortunately, the attitude of the State Government is not positive and responsive. No heed is paid either to the advice of the Governor or the CAG. Nor does the Government take any initiative on its own to break the impasse. Is this defiance by design, one may ask? This does not augur well for the State. We hope the State Government will wake up and respond to this necessity.


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