Defaulting vendors’ nexus with Railway authorities

Every Rupee duly accruable as revenue to Government must be realised in full and those, who by employing various means cause denial to such receipt, must pay the same as also must face action. This is the golden rule and anyone violating it should not feel insulated of legal action. How can the Railway authorities let the Jammu Railway Station defaulting vendors empty their go- downs / stalls decamping virtually with the stocks therein otherwise charged as security to the Railways? It has happened due to which payment of more than Rs. 4 crore plus penal interest has, as on date, been denied to Railways.
Simple principle of the charge under lien is to clear the dues and take back the stocks but in the instant case, with the connivance of the Railway Authorities , the defaulting vendors made good their escape from the “scene” after removing their stalls along with stocks, fixtures and other items . This is public money which has been thieved and is a fit case to be probed by the CBI. The concerned Railway Authorities from Ferozpur Division and Jammu office involved in the fraud must be held accountable, the entire amount must be recovered from them plus made to face criminal action for entering into a criminal conspiracy with intent to cause losses to the organisation giving them bread and butter.