DDC polls to mark beginning of BJP’s end in J&K: Harshdev

Excelsior Correspondent

UDHAMPUR, Nov 5:  Launching the election campaign for DDC polls from Sudh Mahadev area of Chenani constituency today, Harshdev Singh JKNPP Chairman and former minister said that DDC elections shall mark the beginning of BJP’s end in J&K UT.
The BJP rule in J&K had proved most traumatic for the people of Jammu region in particular with the saffron leadership remaining focused on Ladakh and Kashmir to the utter neglect of the Dogra land which catapulted it to power. Now, is the time to respond appropriately to the treacherous politics of those who had betrayed the collective sentiment of Jammu region, Singh said while addressing public meetings at Sudh Mahadev, Basht, Samroli and Drounthal today.
Harshdev said that the last few years witnessed unprecedented bias against Jammu region in employment, development and allied sectors with none to even listen to the shrill cries of the people for justice and an respectable living. While the unemployment increased manifold with the educated youth made to sit and protest on roads, the development projects took a back seat. Pre poll promises turned out to be post poll somersaults. The slogans of equitable treatment to Jammu region and ending of all bias proved to be mere ‘Jumlas’ with Dogras made to reconcile with their worst than second class status.
The party which come to power on the slogan of empowerment of Jammu region and its people gave the worst nightmares to Dogras whose very self respect and honour was often compromised by the mandated leaders for lust of power. Those who could not even fulfill the demand of Dogras for holiday on Maharaja Hari Singh’s birthday had no right to ask the people for votes, asserted Singh.
Calling upon the people to defeat all BJP sponsored candidates, Harshdev said that NPP was the only party which was confronting the authoritarian saffron regime and fighting for the rights of the common man.
Another NPP leader said that peoples’ power should manifest itself in these local bodies elections by discarding those political parties which had deserted them after attaining power. “Teach a lesson to those who exploited the gullibility of innocent masses by their seductive slogans during elections and subsequently abandoned them after attaining power”, the leader said.