David Bowie and Prince were gods: Sting

LONDON, Nov 12:  Musician Sting believes David Bowie and Prince had “god-like qualities”.
The 65-year-old musician has said he often forgets that the two musical icons – who both tragically passed away this year – aren’t immortal, dubbing their passing as a “huge loss to the world of music”, reported Femalefirst.
“All of us suffer from the delusion that cultural icons like Prince and David Bowie are somehow immortal. There’s a god-like quality about them,” Sting said.
“They were extraordinary artists and a huge loss to the world of music.”
And the “Shape of My Heart” hitmaker also reflected on his personal connection to both artists, saying he “greatly admires” Bowie – who died in January from liver cancer – and branding Prince, who suffered an accidental overdose of fentanyl in April, as “unique”. (PTI)


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