DAP leader flays abrogation of special status

DAP leader Mohinder Bhardwaj addresses a gathering at Vijaypur on Sunday.
DAP leader Mohinder Bhardwaj addresses a gathering at Vijaypur on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
VIJAYPUR, Oct 23: Senior Democratic Azad Party (DAP) leader, Mohinder Bhardwaj has claimed that special status of J&K since its inception during the term of Maharajas was to protect rights of the people here, to empower them and to ensure their overall welfare.
Addressing a gathering at Vijaypur the DAP leader said that it was ironic that post August 5, 2019 developments like abrogation of special status and demotion of J&K from State to a Union Territory were to further political and electoral interests of a particular party and its leaders but it was totally unacceptable to the people as a result of which J&K has been in a total mess.
He claimed that Article 370 is still very much part of the Constitution, contrary to the propaganda of BJP leadership on its abolition.
“Time has come to thoroughly debate as to how the developments that took place three years back have benefitted the people of J&K,” he maintained adding: “Since the Article is still an integral part of the Constitution nobody should object to discussing its merits and demerits as it involves the survival, sustenance and future of the people.”
Balwan Singh, senior DAP leader also spoke on the occasion while those present on the occasion were Gaurav Chopra, Sobat Ali-JMC Councillors; Badri Sharma, Sarpanch; Vicky Mahajan, Sagar Singh, Magar Singh, Vidhya Sagar and others.