Dalai Lama lays emphasis on universal brotherhood

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Dalai Lama interacting with students during visit to Jamyang School on Tuesday.
Dalai Lama interacting with students during visit to Jamyang School on Tuesday.

LEH, July 28: Buddhist Spiritual leader Dalai Lama today emphasized upon universal brotherhood among the entire humanity.
He said, “My ultimate goal and commitment till my death is for promotion of humanity by embedding the true sense of oneness among 7 billion humanity whether they are believer or none believer is a secondary issue but most important is that all are human being”.
This was stated by the Buddhist spiritual head during an interaction session at Jamyang School where thousands of student participated. He added that all major religion of the world emphasized upon love, compassion, unity, peace and harmony and urged to thinks at individual level to bring change at higher level. Appreciating the communal harmony in Ladakh, he said that we often give importance to number of secondary issues such as different religion, race, cast and different country which ultimately brings conflict and problems but we should focus on entire humanity. Expressing his concern over conflict in various parts of the world such as in Seria, Iraq and Yemen, he said that the very meaning of Jehad is to combat our negative destruction emotion rather than killing others and all religious emphasized for universal brotherhood and unity and genuine Islam practitioner must extend love to entire creatures of Alah
. Speaking about science and Buddhist philosophy, he  said that “we should never blindly follow religion without understanding or analyzing it but experiment it whether it is useful to you or not then follow accordingly. He urged the Ladakhi Muslims to take some initiatives to organize seminar at large scale by inviting all the scholars of the world to discuss various issues which could ease many problems of the world.
Later, he inaugurated girl hostel building at Jamyang School. Pertinent to mention here that Jamyang School is run by Dalai Lama Trust to educate the students from Dha-Hanu region who are believed to be descended of Aryan race.
Jamyang School Director Geshes Lobzang Samstan in a brief speech mentioned about the school achievement.
Earlier in the morning, Dalai Lama visited Chokhang Vihara where he had interaction with LBA executive members.


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