Dal lake freezes as Srinagar records season’s coldest night at minus 6

SRINAGAR: The world famous Dal Lake was frozen, particularly near the banks on Sunday, as summer capital, Srinagar recorded coldest night of the winter so far after the mercury witnessed five degree drop against Saturday’s record and settled at minus 6.
Water taps and other water bodies including nallahs and drains were also frozen in the city, where sun appeared this morning though icy cold winds that continued to sweep, forcing people to remain indoor.
The Western Disturbance (WD), though resulted in moderate to heavy snowfall on the upper heights during the past two days, had no impact in the Srinagar, where weather remained dry and chilly.
Water in the Lake, particularly near the banks was frozen as people woke up this morning. However, in the interior parts of the Lake, water remained frozen.
The Shikarawalas were facing difficulty to move through the frozen parts of the Lake.
People near banks could be seen throwing stones and paper on the frozen parts of the lake.
The Lake was completely frozen in 1965 when a jeep had crossed on the frozen surface from one to another end. It was again frozen in 1986 when people were playing ice hockey and cricket besides taking photograph on the frozen surface.
People in some areas, particularly in the outskirts and Lake area complained of water shortage as the tapes had frozen. People were seen trying to defreeze frozen taps by burning wood.
Water bodies, including nallahs besides drains were also frozen.
Majority of the people remained indoor because of severe cold outside, enjoying Sunday.
The doctors have already warned elderly persons and children, not to venture out of their homes in the morning and evening when temperature dips to below freezing point. Doctors have also advised people having heart, chest and bone problems to avoid going out when the mercury is sub zero.
However, shops selling “Harisa” ( prepared by meat during winter only) witness rush of customers despite chilly weather.
Because of chill, the vendors also arrived only after 0930 hrs to set up their stall on 3-km-long famous Sunday market in the city.
There was also hardly any public transport available in the city. However, three wheelers had field day charging extra from the passengers in the absence of public transport. (AGENCIES)


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