DAC meet to brainstorm on new blacklisting policy

NEW DELHI: Top Defence officials will meet here this week to brainstorm on the blacklisting policy of the Defence Ministry besides taking a call on various procurement and modernisation proposals moved by the armed forces.

Defence sources said the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting on October 29 will discuss the finer details of the new blacklisting policy that will be one of the hallmark of the new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) being finalised.

“This time the DAC is more process-driven as discussions on key aspects of the new DPP will be held. One of the main issue under consideration would be the blacklisting policy,” the sources said.

The armed forces bore the brunt of the blacklisting policy being followed till now. Even though the NDA Government did significantly tinker with the policy, in place for years, many modernisation process continue to be hampered.

Parrikar is of the view that indiscriminate blacklisting of companies supplying defence products over “small issues” may create supply-chain problems for the armed forces.

Among other things that will come up for discussion is the Rs 4,000 crore proposal by the Indian Air Force for the upgrade of heavy cargo lifter IL 76 aircraft and IL 78, being used by India for Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS).

While the transport aircraft will have new avionics, the AWACS planes would get new avionics and engines, too. (AGENCIES)


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