Cyber terrorism

The Home Minister has very rightly said that cyber terrorism is a big danger in the world along with cyber crime. Information technology has advanced so much that  a person living in a remote area can have access to such information by which he can indulge in an act of terror, despite not being associated with any terror group. Actually, advancements made in IT have changed the entire philosophy of friendship as well as hostility. When used with negative and disruptive intentions, this advancement can spell great disaster for people and for states. It is entirely a new threat of modern times. We know that terrorists are trying to make the worst use of information technology to carry forward their subversive and nefarious designs against humanity. Imagine while the terrorists were engaged in killing spree in Mumbai attack of 2008, they were regularly receiving instructions from their handlers in Karachi which way to move and where to strike.
Notably, Home Minister has not remained content with just alerting the nation about the cyber terrorism, which he said has increased rapidly since 2013, he has also suggested some measures to control cyber terrorism. The Home Ministry had recently said an Rs 400 crore cyber crime control hub, to be called ‘Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre’ (IC4), would be set up to check cyber crime, including child pornography and online abuse, as per the recommendations of the committee. More importantly, one of the priorities of IC4 will be to check attempts by international gangs to penetrate Indian Government’s official communication network and hack them. We may recollect that recently the US had said that some miscreants in China were trying to penetrate their official communication and records. We in India know that we are sandwiched between two unscrupulous hostile states both of whom will have no qualms of conscience in attempting to penetrate our official communication. Therefore, it becomes very important for our government to make foolproof security of our records and communication against the intruders.


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