Cyber security is a big challenge: Prasad

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad today said cyber security is a challenge where the government has to play a crucial role in order to stop few misguided people from abusing ICT for promoting terror.
The Minister said there is a need for better coordination, greater sharing of threat perception, greater sharing of challenges and greater sharing of opportunities among countries to collectively meet this menace.
“When it comes to cyber security, the government has to play a crucial role. While we fully respect the freedom of expression on Internet and social media platforms… Everyday we get new challenges, there has to be greater sharing of information, greater understanding. You cannot divert the challenge today,” Prasad said at Raisina Dialogue conference here.
The minister said on the issue of Cyber security, the digital world does not encounter conventional wars and that is the biggest challenge.
“How can we prevent few misguided people from abusing ICT for promoting terror and extremism, thats a challenge,” he added.
He said cyber challenge is like bloodless war and why should few people be allowed to abuse the platform to derail humanity.
Prasad had earlier said the Government was in talks with a number of countries, including the US, for cooperation to check cyber espionage and other attacks. (PTI)


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