CVC’s fight against corruption

Central Vigilance Commission is celebrating Vigilance Awareness Week and PM Modi actively attended the function at New Delhi with a clear cut message to deal strictly with the corrupt without any fear, interference or influence despite hue and cry by those who are in line of fire now to derail CVC efforts to clean the system. Factually cancer of corruption is nothing new but prevalent for ages now, perpetuated not overnight but spreading like a wildfire engulfing each and every sphere of our life. The mere presence of corruption means destruction of society and nation as a corrupt society can never stand for nation, typically immoral with least fear of law, abuse of power for personnel gain. Bribery, extortion, fraud, embezzlement, misuse of public funds, cronyism and influencing decisions are all different faces of corruption. It is important to mention here that Indian economy was more or less under socialist regime ever since independence with Government run institutions running the show and polices drafted to suite and favour themselves with practically no competition , creating virtual scarcity and then using corrupt practices in guise of red tapism, licenses and what not were prevalent. With liberalisation of 80s, this virtual control was partially removed but then corruption came in shape of tendering process to award national resources like setting up different manufacturing plants, mobile spectrum(2G-3G), coal auctions to name a few.
Present regime has changed the game and applecart of corruption is right now on shaky ground, not weeded out but gasping to survive. CVC has unbridled powers parallel to judicial system in place as such punishing the guilty should not be a difficult task. Rules and regulations are quite clear even to appoint CVOs in various offices. It is not only important to detect and punish the corrupt, focus is not only to hunt the guilty but put preventive measures well in place as such roles of CVC is preventive as well as punitive. Annual property returns, bank transactions of officials, benami transactions and an eye on relatives getting employed in private firms as quid pro are the things to be consistently watched for. As far as punitive role, CVC has to ensure all witnesses, documents and adherence to due procedures so that culprit doesn’t go scot-free. Each and every case has to be an exemplary one, a deterrent for others with visible consequences of corrupt practices. Generally CVOs are appointed from within the department and in majority of cases, it is a common practice among departments to delay the proceedings, create nonexistent smoke screens for investigators, pressure from various quarters, unions of concerned organisations interfering thereby influencing the outcome of complaints. Numerous pending cases by complainants all over country are testimony that system put up by CVC is not fool proof. Keeping in view of all this CVC has to look into various corrective measures to checkmate corrupt practices in official circles. Strategies are being constantly made, Government is putting sincere efforts but everyone has to contribute on its own to check this menace of corruption. Onus is with CVC to deliver without any interference, prejudice or deliberate intentions. However, administrations’ resolve is an assurance that we are moving in right direction and will succeed in our efforts one day.