CVC favours national association of anti-corruption bodies

NEW DELHI, Aug 19:
The CVC has favoured setting up of a national association of central and state level anti- corruption bodies to suggest the best ways to check corruption in the country.
The proposed body will be close on the lines of International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA), the global body on anti-corruption which facilitates implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption among other things.
The proposal came up for discussion during a meeting of Vigilance Study Circle in Kolkata yesterday which was attended by Vigilance Commissioners J M Garg and R Srikumar.
“The proposal to have an association of central and state level anti-corruption bodies was discussed during the meeting and most of the members supported it,” Vigilance Commissioner R Srikumar said.
He said the proposed body may discuss best practices being adopted by its members in a particular state and other anti-corruption measures.
“What exactly would be the form of the body and its mandate is a matter of debate and discussion,” Srikumar said when asked about the functioning of the proposed association.
He said the CVC has been taking various measures to check graft in the country including setting up of ‘Vig Eye’, a portal to address public grievances on corruption.
“There are many good work being done by State Vigilance Commissioners and other concerned agencies. The association can be a forum to discuss some of the good practices and other measures,” Srikumar said.
West Bengal Vigilance Commissioner and former CVC secretary K S Ramasubban and former IPS officer S Subramanian, Founder Patron of Vigilance Study Circle-Kolkata favoured the move, he said.
The chief vigilance officers and other people including members of non-government organisations may also become part of the association, he said.
Srikumar has yesterday in Kolkata said the CVC has agreed to build a knowledge portal for sharing information and best practices in real time basis.
“We have been discussing the idea for national knowledge sharing on anti-corruption and we expect to create it in a year,” Srikumar had told members of Vigilance Study Circle there. (PTI)


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