Crowd accidents and safety measures

A study has revealed that India is experiencing an increase in crowd accidents, particularly during religious festivals. According to the study, religious festivals are the most common cause of dangerous crushes. Researchers have compiled the most comprehensive database of crowd accident fatalities and injuries to date, with the hope of enhancing safety at mass gatherings worldwide.
The matter is serious enough for immediate attention. Technology can play a crucial role in crowd management in India to mitigate the risks of accidents and ensure the safety of attendees. Advanced video surveillance systems and analytics can be employed to monitor crowd movement, detect overcrowding, and identify potential bottlenecks in real time. Mobile applications, SMS alerts and public address systems can be utilised to disseminate important information to attendees, such as safety instructions, emergency evacuation procedures and updates on crowd conditions. Utilising technologies like computer vision, sensors, and artificial intelligence, crowd flow patterns and densities can be analysed to optimise crowd movement and prevent congestion. By guiding attendees to less crowded areas or suggesting alternative routes, technology can help distribute the crowd more evenly. Implementing digital ticketing systems and access control technologies, such as RFID or barcode scanning, can streamline the entry process and reduce overcrowding at entry points. It also enables better monitoring of crowd capacity and ensures that venues do not exceed their safe capacity limits. By collecting and analysing historical crowd data, authorities can gain insights into crowd behaviour, identify potential risks, and develop effective crowd management strategies. This data-driven approach can assist in allocating resources, optimising infrastructure, and implementing preventive measures. Monitoring social media platforms and utilising sentiment analysis can provide valuable insights into crowd sentiment, identify potential concerns or issues, and enable rapid response and intervention when necessary.
It is worth noting that while technology can enhance crowd management. It is important to note that efforts are being made in India to address these issues and improve crowd safety. Combining technology with well-trained staff and coordinated efforts can significantly improve crowd safety during events and gatherings in India.