Crime against women

The head hangs in shame and the heart breaks into pieces of any true human being when the news of rape and murder of any young girl, anywhere in the country, comes to light. Such vulgar activities in a civilised society is totally condemnable. Bastradism in any shape creates multiple social evils and generates unpleasant and disgusting phenomenon. Subjecting womanhood to such an awkwardness reflects much on law and order situations and erosion in moral values. Blame also goes to the parents who keep their wards uncontrolled and unbridled and allow them to perpetrate such inhuman activities. Blaming governmental agencies only isn’t fair as the society also is equally responsible for such undesired atmosphere.
The recent uncounted incidents of gang rape and murder have subjected the entire society to humiliation. No one is left unfeared and hopeful of being safe and secured. Such cases need fast track trials to create deterrance and do justice to the victims. Strict law and order conditions can definitely reduce the graph of crimes. Undeniably, cultivation of moral and social values is signifcant in mitigating such tragic incidents to a larger extent, but exemplary punishments can create an awe in youngsters. If such situation continues the fair sex constituting half of the population would remain restricted to four walls and their development would also cease. It is, therefore, imperative to evolve a mechanism/inculcate moral values in youngsters to desist from immoral behaviour.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)