Court rejects bail of SPO in acid throwing case

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 29: Principal Sessions Judge Jang Bahadur Singh Jamwal today rejected the bail of SPO Sanjeev Kumar, son of Ghara Singh of  village Gagian, R S Pura, who was allegedly involved in a case of throwing acid on a girl.
After hearing Advocate Madan Lal appearing for the petitioner, Public Prosecutor Shabir Choudhary for the State and Advocate BL Kalgotra appearing for the victim, Principal Sessions Judge Jang Bahadur Singh Jamwal observed, “the acid attacks are a form of violence against women, where the perpetrator splashes a person with acid in order to deface or kill them”, adding “although acid throwing is a form of violence known committed throughout history, there appears to be a substantive increase in the number of acid attacks that are being committed in recent times due to various factors. Acid attacks are considered particularly vicious among crimes against women as they cause perpetual suffering to the victim”.
“As acid melts the flesh and even the bones of a person, it causes an unparallel degree of pain, leaving the victim mutilated and scared as well as giving her permanent disabilities for example blindness”, the Court said.
“In a male chauvinistic world, woman is considered to be the property of man. Be it a spurned lover, a suspecting husband or a man who is shooed away when he wants an illicit relationship, each feels humiliated and wants to take revenge against the woman. The easiest way to hurt the woman in such instances is throwing acid on her”, the Court said, adding “with the advent of industrialization and inventions, acid has come handy to these egotists in their bid to disfigure women. Acid throwing could well be described as the attempt to control or subjugate women”.
With these observations, Court rejected the bail application of Sanjeev Kumar.


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