Court Complex security

Security of court premises, advocates, litigants and other sensitive sections connected with judicial duties has become an imperative in the light of rising crescendo of terrorism in the State. No doubt the Judges have been provided security by the State agencies, but there are others connected with judicial duties and equally vulnerable to the nefarious designs of miscreants. In this connection a PIL has been filed before the High Court.
With the rise of armed insurgency in Kashmir, and many arrests made by the police of suspected activists, many cases pertaining to terrorism and subversive activities have been filed in the court of law and are pending final disposal by the court authorities. This makes it very important for the court to ensure that proper security of the complex, the lawyers and advocates, the litigants and the court staff is provided.
The orders of the Division Bench of the High Court say that entire periphery of the High Court should be under CCTV surveillance. . The comprehensive plan shall clearly indicate the time line within which the requisite action shall be taken. Besides this, the number of CCTVs having high resolution should be provided. The order proposes that X-Ray machines should also be installed at District level Courts to ensure that no impermissible matter is carried by people in their bags.
We welcome these orders as they would ensure protection of court complex which is fairly expansive. We have incidents of criminal attacks on litigants and lawyers in the court premises in the past. It is critical for the security of the Courts and the lawyers and judicial staff so that they freely and without intimidation perform their official duties.


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