Corporates told to rectify any misleading addresses

NEW DELHI, Dec 28: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has asked corporates to rectify any mistake with regard to the address of their respective registered office by June next year.
This initiative has been undertaken “to minimise instances of registration of bogus or misleading addresses as registered office of companies”, MCA said in a public notice.
In a circular dated December 21, the Ministry has asked the corporates to avail this opportunity to “rectify any mistake” within a period of 180 days from the effective date.
“All professionals and corporates are requested to be more vigilant and be careful in certification and verification in the forms to avoid penal action,” the public notice said.
To minimise instances of misleading addresses, the Ministry has made certain changes, as per which details of the address of the registered office and proof of registered office address have to be mandatorily attached.
Moreover, the new forms will contain provisions for certification by professionals endorsing the identity such as photographs and attached documents in this regard. (PTI)


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