Conservation of river Devika

With reference to news item published in this paper on 3rd Jan. “Decks cleared for conservation of River Devika.” In this connection I would like to say that this is a welcome step that Dr. Jitendra Singh, The Union Minister of State in PMO with independent charge of North Eastern States had initiated Devika conservation plan with Ministry of Environment Govt of India and got it approved for implementation. As per Hindu faith Holy Devika is considered as most sacred Rivulet like Holy ‘Ganga.’ The life time of residents of Duggar region is closely linked with sacred Devika for various acts of faith and finally towards divine journey.
It is requested to the Minister and all others associated with the project that the conservation work should start from the point of origin of Devika in the foothills of Dhar Shivgarh  near Sudhmahadev. In the Sudhmahadev region many sacred rivulets originate for the welfare of human beings by the blessing of God. From Gouri-Kund comes sacred “Charanvanti” and Dhoul-Ganga and from Budhi-Shudi comes Mahasur steam and below it after some distance Holy Devika appears from mountain rocks of Shivgarh. All these sacred rivulets should be identified as they are most important parts of Devika and have individual history and importance. From Sudhmahadev to Benisang where Devika meets with Tawi river we find various temple complexes at Haridwar and Benisang. There has been large scale encroachment of land on the Holy Devika right from the starting point upto Benisang and greedy human beings have done every  possible damage to spoil the great name and fame of this sacred river. Still Devika flows as ‘Papnashni of the humanity. Devika Conservation Project should focus on all these points from begining source. Even the underground route should also be identified, but at least on ground Holy Devika should flow in its natural way. Biggest hurdle is the Devika river cleanliness at Udhampur where it has been damaged badly by all of us.
Apart from the great religious importance of Devika, it is the first and foremost duty of all citizens of this great nation to safeguard water bodies and rivers for welfare of all living beings.
Yours etc…
Rajinder Chand Anthal
Chenani Distt. Udhampur


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