Cong to observe black day today against demonetization

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 7: Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC)  shall hold a peaceful procession on November 8, as a part of the nationwide programme of the Congress party to observe black day over demonetization of Modi Govt last year which resulted into several causalities and lot of sufferings to the poor and common people apart from adverse effect on the economy of the country.
PCC chief spokesperson, Ravinder Sharma disclosed that PCC chief GA  Mir shall lead a peaceful procession, which shall start from Maharaja Hari Singh Park tomorrow  at 11 am  and move towards Residency Road via Vivekanand Chowk and terminate at PCC Headquarters, Shaheedi Chowk, Jammu.
Sharma reminded the  people that on November 8, 2016 at 8.00 p.m. Prime Minister Narendera Modi announced demonetization of 86 % of the currency, subsequently the entire countrymen, women, old and young were lined up before the ATMs but money were not available since the new currency did not fill the ATMs. Over hundreds of people died while standing in queues and crores suffered. The impact of demonetization was so bad that lakhs of workers lost their jobs, thousands of small scale and medium scale industries shut down. None of the aims of demonetization were achieved and nation experienced huge pain and economic shut down.
In view of this, the Congress party has decided to observe black day and hold peaceful procession in order to seek answer from Modi Govt.


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