Cong always sacrificed interests of Jammu: Brig Gupta

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Apr 9: Congress has always sacrificed the interests of people of Jammu right from 1947 and let down as well as betrayed them due to the lust of power and policy of appeasing the Kashmiri power brokers alleged Brig Anil Gupta, State spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in a statement issued here, today.
Starting from the unilateral ceasefire by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Art 370, Delhi Agreement, 35A, return of Poonch-Uri and Shakargarh bulges and Chhamb, reinstatement of Sheikh, rigging of elections of 1987 and re-entry of Farooq, the list is endless. That is why the people of Jammu showed them the door in the last Assembly elections and today it fears complete dissemination, in tune with the rest of the country, he added.
Brig Gupta said unable to bear the shock and reconcile to their defeat, the Congress has now adopted a policy of destructive politics with a single point agenda of return to power through hook or crook. Their leaders have mastered the art of telling lies after lies to hide their failures and blame BJP, which is the true representative and voice of the people of Jammu, he added.
The Congress is now trying to fire the gun from the shoulder of Jammu Bar Association by giving a call for Jammu Bandh on April 11, he said. “I fail to understand that with which face Congress leaders are supporting the four-point charter of the Bar because the Congress is the root cause of resentment for all the four issues,” exclaimed Brig Gupta!,
The people of Jammu know those who are behind settling of Rohingyas as well as the intent with which they were brought here but the same leadership now is shamelessly demanding their ouster. These turn-coats must know that people are demanding legal action against them for their involvement in playing with region’s security, said Brig Gupta.
Similarly, he said, till date none of their leaders has visited Rassana or publicly made their stand clear.
As regards district status for Nowshera, the Congress is responsible for tearing apart the recommendations of Wazir Commission which recommended three districts for Jammu and one for Kashmir but Ghulam Nabi Azad gave four districts to each. Why didn’t Congress party think of  Nowshera then which has been a Tehsil since 1947? By now shedding the crocodile tears and posing to be the sympathizers of Nowshera people, Congress is befooling itself only, claimed Brig Gupta.
He said as far as the tribal policy is concerned once again the Congress leadership has remained mum on the issue, an example of opportunistic politics.
Appealing to the advocates, Brig Gupta said that they should not allow their genuine concern for people of Jammu to be hijacked by opportunistic Congress party, which has no popular support base and wants to piggy back on them for their survival politics. Since, three of the four issues highlighted by the advocates are sub-judice, it would be better if the lawyers used their professional skills and prayed judicial remedy rather than dabbling in politics, Brig Gupta added.


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