Commanders conclude deliberations

Defence Forces top-brass concluded their six-day long conference in New Delhi. Besides the Army Chief, who presided over the meeting, the Naval and Air Force Chiefs were also present in the conference besides other top field commanders. The subject they talked about was how to secure the international border as well as the LoC in northern states against perfidy by our adversaries. Borders of five Indian States meet with China. Our border with Pakistan to our west is also a long and porous one through which infiltrators clandestinely sneak into our side of the border.
Commanders feel that there is need of revisiting our border defence and security strategy in view of the fast changing situation in our neighbourhood. There is also a big debate among defence strategists in and outside the country on the subject of “Theatre Command” a concept originating with the Chinese
The reports are that the Commanders, one and all, have felt the need of bringing in such reforms and modifications in the defence strategy as adequately address internal security and external threats. The country needs to have plans in the basement about how to meet any eventuality that might threaten the solidarity and sovereignty of the country. Though at present the borders both with China and Pakistan are peaceful and no firing is taking place anywhere, yet the defence establishment of the country cannot take any chance in regard to the security of the country. It has to be noted that border in Jammu and Kashmir has seen firing and shelling for last two decades and more and the army has responded to situations whenever these developed.
The three Chiefs will summarise the outcome of the conference and concretise these before meeting formally with the Defence Minister to brief him on the nitty-gritty of the new proposals and suggestions.
We consider this was a very crucial meeting of far-reaching consequences. A revised border security policy was overdue and the country was no more prepared to let Pakistani or Chinese hostilities along the border go unnoticed or unreasoned.


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