Color Combinations For Your Bedroom That Are Currently In Trend

Painting or repainting your house is a huge undertaking that involves many aspects like choosing shades, matching them to the decor, waterproofing your house, etc. It is a one time cost investment that will give long term payoffs and leave your home looking chic and brand new. But before you begin, choosing the right home paint colors can be tough. Remember to pick a color that matches your personal style, as well as your existing furniture. Here are a few trending paint combinations that will spruce up your walls.

There are mainly two types of colors, colors having cool and warm undertones. Picking the ones that match the undertone of your decor is crucial so as to have a cohesive environment.

  1. Terracotta and beige are the colors for you if you like earthy tones. They have warm undertones which adds an instant warmth to the room. Terracotta might seem like a bold color but combining it with ivory actually makes it extremely soothing and grounded. For a rustic, earthy feeling, you can also use a brown in place of a bright terracotta and pair it with a white color scheme for the walls of your bedroom. For nature lovers, this is the best color combination for bedroom walls as it does not look aged over time.
  2. Another earthy and natural looking color combination is muted green and light brown. Reminiscent of the natural tones of earth, these colors are fantastic for bedrooms as they provide an instant calm to the room and have been known to promote sound sleep as well.
  3. For people in warmer climates, choosing colors with a neutral or cool undertone is ideal. One such example of a cool paint color combination is charcoal and mint. This color combination is soothing to the eyes and looks airy while having a subtle depth to it as well. It was one of the most preferred color combinations in the year 2021 and that trend has spilled into the current year as well.
  4. For people who live in tropical climates, the monsoons can get dreary and affect day to day moods. To counter this, opt for different shades of yellow with a neutral undertone. This will add a pop of color to the walls and take you out of your funky moods. Pale yellow paired with deeper shades like ochre and beige are great for adding depth to any space while simultaneously lifting up spirits and ensuring you feel energetic and happy.
  5. You’ll like the light color scheme of peach and white for your bedroom walls if you love pastels. Peach provides a relaxing impact as well as adding warmth to the space and white gives the illusion of having more space than what actually is. Your bedroom will seem cozy and welcoming with the dreamy combination of these hues. What’s great is that these shades give off a minimalistic vibe as well as looking bright. These are easy enough to pair with other decor items like white curtains, cushion covers and throw blankets.
  6. The combination of indigo and off white is another timeless and classic pairing that is suited for every climate and place. These shades will be easy to pair with any existing wooden furniture you might have. With the combination of blue, white and woody browns, your house will give off a royal and rich vibe without doing much.
  7. Another sophisticated looking combination in the blue color family is mint blue and gray. This combination is a muted version of charcoal and mint and gives a much more soothing and breezy vibe to the room.

Various color combinations are available in the market presently. If you are someone who prefers more customized shades, you have the option of getting involved with an interior designer who can cater to your needs.