Coastal Surveillance Network to be functional by next year

NEW DELHI, Aug 22:
The Coastal Surveillance Network comprising radars and electronic sensors to detect movement of suspicious vessels along the country’s coastline will be made fully functional by next year, government told Rajya Sabha today.
In a written reply in the House, Defence Minister A K Antony said that under the first phase of the plan, a cluster of 46 radars are being operationalised.
“A Coastal Surveillance Network consisting of a chain of static radars and electro-optic sensors at 84 remote sites is envisaged along the coastline including island territories to detect movement of suspicious vessels… The network is envisaged to be fully functional by middle of next year,” he said.
Out of the 46 radars in the first phase, 36 will be installed on the main land and 10 in island territories.
Antony also told the House that the concerned coastal states are cooperating and providing full assistance for executive the project in time.
Replying to another question on surveillance of the routes taken by foreign ships while sailing through the Indian waters, the Minister said that it is done as per operational requirements without reference to any particular route taken by the foreign flag ships.
“Indian Navy undertakes surveillance of maritime areas including International Shipping Lanes through deployment of naval ships and aircraft,” he said.
On steps to deal with piracy in this area, Antony said, “India has called for collaborative international action to counter piracy in the UN Security Council meetings.”
India is also a founder member of the Contact Group on Piracy off the coast of Somalia (CGPCS), established in January 2009, to coordinate multilateral action against piracy, he said.
“Continuous surveillance of Indian EEZ through patrolling by Naval and Coast Guard ships and aircraft is undertaken to deter illegal activities including piracy,” he said.
India Navy has been deploying one naval warship in the Gulf of Aden continuously since October 2008 to escort Indian flagged merchant ships. (PTI)


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