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Hi Friends! We are back with your favourite column for the week. Please have a look at OUR MESSAGE before you send in your message to us.

1. To all from Devinder Verma: “ Satisfaction doesn’t means that we are happy. But it means that we have a strong feeling of happiness in ourselves”.
2. From Hamanshu Gupta to all: “ Life has many pages first is birth and last is death and others are empty, fill them with happiness of joy not with ego”.
3. To all from Rishab Raina: “ A good archer is not known by his arrows but by his aim”.
4. From Usha Raina to all: “ Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine”.
5. To all from K K Gupta: “ Friendship is one mind in two bodies”.
6. From Kavari Sharma to all: “ Silence is one great art of conversation”.
7. To all from Shayal Sharma: “ Love people and use things, don’t love things and use people”.
8. From Summati Jandiyal to all: “ Difficulties prepare you for victory. Failure prepares you for success. And ignorance prepares you for truth”.
9. To all from Sanjay Dhar: “ Time is superior then our life, because life ends with time, but time never ends with life. It never returns to give another time”.
10. From Narbhay Tehran to all: “ Until the day of his death, no man can be sure of his courage”.
11. To all from Uma Thakur: “ Crime, like virtue, has its degree”.
12. From Silvi Talwar to all: “ Successful and fortunate crime is called virtue”.
13. To all from Devinder Sharma : “ He who bears the brand of can shall rule the earth”.

The award of rupees 200 for this week’s best message has gone to KIRAN KANCHAN R/o Machhlian P.O DOMANA, TEH & Dist JAMMU-181206 for the message “ Hatred is self punishment”.
Congrats. The prize money would be sent to you through money order.
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as the winner will be intimated through SMS


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