Chris Robinson challenges Kate Hudson on custody agreement

LOS ANGELES, Mar 2:  Actress Kate Hudson’s former husband singer Chris Robinson has challenged their son Ryder’s joint custody agreement.

The Black Crowes singer, who had agreed on the joint custody of their 12-year-old child after the divorce in 2007, has filed to re-open the agreement, reported E! News.

New documents have surfaced wherein Robinson wants the court to re-evaluate the negotiation with Hudson.

According to the papers, both Hudson and Robinson agreed an evaluator will be assigned from the court to perform a child custody evaluation.

“Thereafter, he/she will issue a written report and make recommendations for developing a parenting plan that addresses legal custody and physical custody, including where Ryder shall reside and visitation rights based on the interest of the child,” it read.

The evaluator will also be privy to health, mental health, education, employment and other similar records for both Hudson and Chris. (PTI)


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