Chris Brown’s new single leaks online

LOS ANGELES, Sept 19:  Rapper Chris Brown’s new single “Zero” from his album “Royalty” has arrived online.
On the upbeat and funky break-up tune, Brown talks about an ex, who once dumped him but now hints she wants him back.
“Now you’re missing what we used to have/ Guess the vodka brought the feeling back,” he sings before telling her in the chorus, “Ask how many nights I’ve been thinking of you, zero, zero/ Gave a hundred percent but all I got from you, zero, zero.”
Scheduled to hit radio stations on October 13, “Zero” serves as the second single off “Royalty”, following up lead cut “Liquor”.
Titled after the 26-year-old crooner’s daughter, the album is due out this fall. (PTI)


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